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On the following page, you’ll discover even more ways that Magnesium can help improve your life and you’ll learn what’s the best way to take it and at what times during the day is optimal for proper absorption.

Magnesium for sleep, stress and the best time to take it

Does Magnesium REALLY work? Worth it or not?

According to the American Psychological Association, "chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death."


A 2010 review of natural treatments for anxiety found that magnesium could be a treatment for anxiety. [9]


More recently, a 2017 review that looked at 18 different studies found that magnesium did reduce anxiety. [10]


These studies looked at mild anxiety, anxiety during premenstrual syndrome, postpartum anxiety, and generalized anxiety.


According to this review, one of the reasons why magnesium might help reduce anxiety is that it may improve brain function. Now, you might be thinking... "there are a gazillion magnesium products out there, if magnesium were the solution to stress — more people would be stress-free."


The problem is two-fold.


FIRST, almost everyone is SEVERELY deficient in magnesium — even those who get the "recommended daily dose"...


Because higher stress levels (common for ambitious folks like us) requires much higher than RDA doses. And SECOND...


Most magnesium supplements fail to help you beat stress…


Now that you understand how critical magnesium is for everything — it might be tempting to run out to your local drug or health food store and buy some magnesium.


That would be a mistake, though — because most magnesium products do nothing, for two primary reasons:


❌ They are synthetic, unnatural, and not recognized by your body... and… ❌




Which means they are missing the various forms of magnesium needed to target various organs in the body and to handle all sources of stress — and boost your performance in every key area.


Most people get 1-2 forms of synthetic magnesium (at best); which is why they typically feel little or nothing from supplements.


But there's a miracle that occurs when your body gets ALL the magnesium that it needs, in all the forms that it needs at the optimal dosage.


If You're *Only* Taking ONE Form Of Magnesium — YOU ARE STILL DEFICIENT!


In fact, 9 out of 10 people who take magnesium don't really notice much change—and that's because of what you're about to discover.


Why Getting ALL 7 FORMS Of Magnesium Transforms Your Stress And Performance ✅


One of the biggest misconceptions about magnesium is that you just "need more" of the mineral and you'll be healthy and optimized.


But the TRUTH is, there are many different types of magnesium — and each play a critical role in different functions in your body.


Most "healthy" people only get 1-2 forms at best (much of the population is deficient in ALL forms) — but when you get all 7 major forms of magnesium, that's when the magic happens.


In fact, the 7 different forms of magnesium connect to a variety of biological systems.


When you get them in the right dose, everything works better.


Without them, EVERY biological system is compromised…


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