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wasting your money on protein supplements?

Protein is USELESS without...

Protein isn’t cheap whether it’s coming from food or shakes.

But, did you know that every day you don’t consume a very specifictype of enzyme, you are actually wasting money on the protein you’buying from food and shakes?

No protein means no growth PERIOD

=> How to ABSORB all your protein and stop wasting money Even if you are doing everything

right… Eating clean? CHECK!

Eating organic? CHECK!

5-6 meals a day? DOUBLE CHECK!

Protein shakes, vitamins and supplement minerals? CHECK MATE!

But one of the harsh realities I’ve learned from peak performance expert Wade Lightheart is this: Most of the protein individuals consume ends up in one of two places.

One is your toilet bowl.

And the second place is in a nice layer of sludge omewhere in your digestive tract. So in theory, it’s a nice idea to think that if you are following he “Golden Rules” that have been laid out for you, you areon the right track.

BUT if you can’t properly utilize those foods, all that effort adds up to one GIANT-SIZED WASTE OF MONEY AND EFFORT.

So what’s happening and why isn’t this being talked about so much?

The industry is SLOWLY starting to realize this harsh truth but they are still WAY behind and struggling to catch up. Fact is, our bodies require ENZYMES to perform at their best. Enzymes are responsible for everything from “thinking to blinking” which also includes energy production, cell repair and recovery and even immune boosting advantages.

The BAD NEWS is that our bodies only have a limited enzyme-producing capacity which naturally declines as we age (your enzyme potential can drop to only 30% by the time you reach the age of 40).

And yes, our bodies CAN produce enzymes and yes there are enzymes in the foods you eat BUT they still don’t add up to the required amount you actually need.

This is due to many contributing factors including HOW ur foods are grown or produced these days, HOW they re transported and HOW we prepare those foods.


In other words, cooked food is deficient in digestive enzymes,leaving very little to break down your food.

=>Yes I’d like to know more about restoring enzyme production

Are you 100% certain that your body is making the most of allthe food and more importantly protein you consume each day?

If you work HARD for your money (and I know you do)you don’t like to see it wasted, right?

There’s no shortage of ways to waste your money that I amsure you are already aware of but the ONE area most peopledon’t realize they are wasting their money is in the food they eat. That’s right.

Are you 100% certain that your body is making the most of allthe food and more importantly protein you consume each day?

Wouldn’t you want to have confirmation on this?

There are many indicators that your body will use to tell youif the foods you are eating is being wasted or not.

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